The Egri Korona Borház és Borfalu (Crown Wine House and Wine Village of Eger) can be found right in the middle of the wine-growing region of Eger, on the way to the hot spring of Egerszalók, between the villages of Kerecsend and Demjén. On the top floor of the three-strorey building you can find a conference hall that can seat 80 people, and a 200-seats restaurant. The á la carte restaurant is waiting for the guests with special meals and first-class service in all seasons.

Next to the the Wine House, 12 apartments**** can be found, in a beautiful environment, with a unique panorama, having altogeher 24 rooms, as well as swimming pool, jacuzzi, and sauna. Here everyone can find an apartment to his liking!

The winery, equiped with a unique technology in Hungary, not only produces high quality wines, but – just like the French chateaus or the Australian wineries – has set the aim to organize high-level, professional programs and wine-tastings, as well as to make wine tourism thrive. A restaurant, a wine shop, and, during summertime, an open-air wine terrace is waiting for the guests.

Look around in the restaurant!

Look around in the wine-cellar!

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